Feb 282011

This was made a few years ago out of 24 vintage ties.  And nothing else.  They are not cut, so provide the hem, facing and lining for the dress – this also makes it fairly warm due to the interlining in traditionally made ties.

Tie dress (front)

Tie dress (back)

It was put together on holiday, stitching each tie together from the wide end with an overstitch by hand, a method similar to when you create patchwork by hand.

Detail of overlapping at bust to create fullness

So far so good, creating a flared skirt, narrowing to the underbust.  But then you need to create a little space for the chest.  This was done by overlapping the ties (there is still plenty of length to play with) over the shoulders and down the other side.  This gives extra fullness, which can be manipulated to get a good fit.

The dress is then pulled in a little more under the bust with a kilt pin to give it greater stability over the shoulders, and that flattering nipped in look.

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