Feb 282011

How did we do?“Friendly and efficient – just what you need when you have dropped a dress size+ and need to have some clothes to wear and don’t feel like shopping.  I can recommend Jo unreservedly.”   Hilary

“My 5-year old daughter (with a little assistance from her Father!) gave me a visit from The Dress Doctor as a Christmas present. It was on my “Things I’d like to do but I’m not sure that I would ever have been brave enought to go throught with it myself” list.
My worries were totally unfounded – Jo put me perfectly at ease from the word go, it was an enjoyable and relaxed day; I had a new lease of life to my wardrobe and I hadn’t even had to go shopping!” Emma

“Thank you once again for your wonderful work in giving me a wardrobe that I am now wearing fearlessly and with confidence! I have also taken to using my brooches, jewellery and scarves which shows my comfort with the “base” product – the clothes. I have rarely worn jeans in the last 10 days or so. And I am very happy to have found you!” Shefaly

“I feel more relaxed and happy about the whole clothes issue than I have for at least 20 years, the day has really made a huge difference to my enjoyment of life in many different ways. I feel I can actually enjoy shopping and I feel altogether more in control and” happy in my skin.” So thanks again Jo, it was very much worthwhile from my point of view, I think I shall book in for a yearly visit.” Sue.

“I was not only impressed with Miss Poole’s exquisite craftsmanship, but also with her historical sensitivity when altering or restoring vintage dresses from my collection. Some dresses have been truly revived under her care and I have cherished them ever since.” Cordula

“I’m sure I will be using your skills again Jo, so until then happy sewing. Thank you so much.” Tess.

“You’re a real find. I shall be booking in for an annual appointment…..Many thanks indeed for the alterations you made to my silk jacket. It fits so well, and looks great”. Liz

“Thanks very much for all your handiwork! It was great to have it all completed so quickly, too. Hope to see you again before too long.” Debby

“I am very pleased with all the work you did and have already been able to wear several things which have been in hiding for too long! Best of luck with your work, and I’ll be glad to recommend you,” Catherine.

“Very, very many thanks for all your help and support over these past months. You made everything look effortless and professional and each piece of work looked stunning. Hope we see you before long.” Patricia

“My dress -I felt sooo sexy in it, from the moment I put it on, really confident of my posture and the length was simply perfect – thank you so much! So many of my colleagues commented upon it, saying how elegant I looked & were quite surprised to see me in such a low-cut dress. Thank you so very much.” Stella

” I just want to say again how grateful I am for the day you spent taking me round the clothes shops of London. I came 5th in the election, not 13th as previously. I never thought I would come higher than 7th.” David

“I have been enjoying the relined and repaired curtains so much during the week that I am taking the liberty of sending this thanks in celebration, and to show my appreciation of your expertise – the expedient way in which the considerable work was carried out and with such good humour. Many Thanks.” Bryan (aged 95)

“Impressed barely sums up how I felt after a day with the Dress Doctor. I initially thought I would have little for her to do and was anxious that my, perhaps, less adventurous nature would limit the use of her expertise. However, I was astounded (and ashamed) at how many items of clothing live in my wardrobe relatively (or entirely!) untouched. There are things that I knew I bought because I liked but found that outside of the store changing room there were a few adjustments required to suit me. I just never get round to doing them. For a day that I admittedly had thought might be a bit indulgent, I was relieved to find myself bragging to all my friends about what a bargain I had stumbled on. It’s like a shopping trip in your own wardrobe with the opportunity to personalise your favourite clothes.” Anita.

“I was celebrating my 30th birthday and it was an Oscars party. Being the belle of the ball, I wanted to do something different and go as Bjork in her infamous “Swan dress”. After searching on the internet for ages, it was obvious that it would need to be made. So I spoke to 12 dress-makers who all said it was impossible or too difficult or too complex to make or that they would need 3 months to make it or it would cost at least £500. I was about to give up when I heard about Jo. I phoned her and within minutes she said it was a great idea and started thinking about how it could be made. She sprung into action and made the dress in less than 48 hours. It was truly remarkable. The dress was a total hit and I was photographed on Leicester square and must have had 20 strangers compliment me on it. It was beautifully made and the swan head is even better I think that Bjork’s original dress! Thanks Jo for making my birthday SO special.” – Adele

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