Feb 282011

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You are welcome to visit my Linkedin profile.  Here are the client testimonies you will find there.

“Jo embodies a wonderful combination of understanding of materials and tailoring processes on the one hand, and a sympathetic understanding of a client’s work & life context as well as personal preferences on the other. She then brings to bear her knowledge of trends to provide creative wardrobe solutions. I have benefited from Jo’s advice and craftsmanship, and happily recommend her services.” September 22, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Shefaly hired Jo as a Wardrobe consulting in 2008


“The value Jo delivered was excellent. I have clear evidence that my investment was more than paid for at my first meeting in my new look – and the whole service cost less than one-day’s fees!

If you are unaware of the significance and impact of men’s attire in many working situations, Jo’s service is invaluable. She brings into your awareness how all the subtle messages get sent and picked up.

She helped me to match and categorize the clothes I have, repaired some I wanted to keep, and helped me buy one or two pieces I now know my business hopes call for.

Jo provides an objective assessment of your wardrobe and an education about the “uniforms” worn by men in different professional work places. Most importantly, Jo helps you think through and clarify the precise messages you want to send with your clothing in your various arenas. Her manner conveys high integrity and she delivers in a focused, efficient, adaptive and timely fashion.


Eoin McCarthy FIBC CMC MBA” January 10, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, CreativeDo

Eoin hired Jo as a Dressing men to look the part in 2009