Jul 252013


I have just finished tailoring a new outfit for the delightfully charming and funny Samantha Mann  for her nightly performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  As she is not terribly adventurous with her attire the task was primarily to copy an existing outfit, but to enhance it to fit Samantha’s needs and character a little better than the items in her current wardrobe.  Here are a few words from the lady herself:

“Jo understood very quickly what it was that I wanted and, far from simply copying the outfit that I brought her, she has improved and perfected it. At every stage of the process – from the shopping expedition to find the material and through the various fittings – she both consulted and advised. She is knowledgeable and inventive and guided me through what could have been a nerve-wracking experience (the finished outfit is one that I will perform in) with confidence and charm. I cannot recommend the ‘dress doctor’ highly enough.”
Samantha Mann

I’m sure she would welcome a visit if you’re in Edinburgh.

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