Oct 262011

Curtain making got me through college.  It all started when the neighbours spotted a sewing machine in the living room window, and popped round with an offer I couldn’t refuse at that point in the term when the money was rather tight.  Since then I’ve made the odd pair as an antidote to detail-centric dressmaking once in a while.

Last year a friend did a professional curtain making course, and kindly handed me her notes.  Since then all sorts of tips and tricks have made for crisp drapes which hang well and make the most of the rooms they inhabit.  These are the best I have made yet.  Housed in an extensively remodeled ex-bungalow with fabulous views of the South Downs, they frame the view, but keep out all light from the huge window so a lie-in is still possible.

Fabric is from the Curtain Factory Outlet at £9.99/m and lined with blackout lining.  Curtains are handstitched with a buckram header and pinch pleats.  Single lead weights are in each corner to keep the edges hanging straight.  The track is a silent gliss 3900 with a cord at each end as the curtains are too heavy to both run from a single cord.

Curtain prices start at £50, based on you providing the material.
Please get in touch for a quote.