Jan 072014
Dries Van Noten makes tribal interesting, wearable and contemporary
Dries Van Noten makes tribal interesting, wearable and contemporary

What started as a how-to for those wishing to look of the age without resorting to either fast or high fashion has now become a regular series.

Here in London we have yet to feel a frost, which makes it difficult to get too excited about spring clothes.  The best way forward is to go through your wardrobe sorting and rationalising, whilst having half an eye open old favourites which could come into their own next season.  Trends look best when they are tailored to and part of you.  Buying the look off the peg does not work for those of us over 21.

Reading Vogue and style.com it would appear anthing goes.  Florals, longer lengths and not heavy lace are looks that easily done.  You will know where you stand on large graphic or pop art prints on clothing.

My favourite trend is “International Georgraphic”, a contemporary, flattering take on traditional clothing throughout the world.  And there’s plenty of scope for brightness and fun too.

The twist on metallics is that they are for daywear, whereas take onsports clothes is now for the evening (didn’t this used to be clubwear?).

“Oxford come-on” appears to be complicated and not always flattering takes on a crisp white shirt/ night shirt – and the key is in the /.  Personally, I’d stick to classic white.

Pantone spring 2014Pantone have prescribed their colours for 2014, which is what the designers and shops will be working with.  “Radiant orchid” has been heavily publicised (the mauve-ish one), although the grey, orange and pinky red may be easier to wear, and work better with other neutral garments.  Read the full list.

Another approach would be to check out style icons.  Edie Campbell is influential, but the Queen of contemporary aesthetic is without doubt, Alexa Cheung.  If you struggle with this as much as I do, she has unashamedly lifted the looks of Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy, so take the back bearings and seek age appropriate inspiration from the quintessentially chic.