Oct 312012

It has been a month since I moved The Dress Doctor, and I really couldn’t have made a better decision. Sure, I’m not on a high street, or with a desirable postcode, but I am in a the perfect space for my work, with lots of light, a table that is posture friendly and surrounded by other artists and designers in adjacent studios.

Hythe Road is not glamorous, but it is brilliant. It was the site of the Rolls Royce plant, and is hemmed in by railways and the Grand Union Canal. The motor trade is still strong here, and there are two huge recycling plants. As I walk past the clanging beast that turns car carcasses into something approximating baked bean tins, it reminds me of the waste we discard, and that each item contains valuable raw materials. You can also see all the tunnel segments laid out waiting to become Crossrail, paving the way to the future. All this along with the heritage of high quality craftsmanship and manufacturing from the site has focused my mind wonderfully on my impact on the world, and ability to work in harmony with it. The Brazilian café downstairs is also good for the soul.

A few notes:

– Cork topped cutting table to help with pinning patterns and to prevent fabric slipping.
– Machine and ironing board close for pressing.
– Well padded ironing board to reduce seam allowances being imprinted in garments.
– Piano stool instead of machining stool. It’s cheap, comfortable and the right height.
– Wooden drawers for frequent access items, cardboard archive boxes for occasionals.
– Visual labeling on fabric boxes.