Mar 082012

This lovely sundress was an eBay triumph.  Made of bright, Marimekko style cotton, it was handmade by a teenager several decades ago, so there are no labels to refer to, but both the cloth and the style have certainly stood the test of time.  Maybe it’s even a genuine print of theirs from a small production run – how exciting would that be?!

On its new owner the neckline gaped unattractively at the front.  To fix this I raised and shaped the shoulder, as well as nipping in the back armhole.  On examining the garment it became apparent that the neckline had been altered before, crudely cut and turned in with a row of topstitching, and a terrible mess left around the zip. I unpicked and pressed it immediately.

Once the shoulder alterations had been completed, and with the aid of packet of vintage bias tape (the cotton is much finer than with the modern ones) I neatened the edge, applying the tape flat and turning it in with a row of under-stitching to ensure it lay flat.  This was then pressed and the other side caught down by hand , ensuring that no stitching is visible on the right side of the garment.

The dress will be moving to Italy with its new owner, where it should see many more happy summers.

Neckline alterations from £15.
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