Jun 072011

I was recently commissioned to make a silk chiffon bolero for a Mother-of-the Groom outfit.  The fabric matched the dress so perfectly that the hat selected looked a little out of place.  By covering the pale dupion crown with the chiffon the hat became part of the outfit, rather than the best option.

Pin a circle of fabric onto the tip (flat part of the crown). This should be on the bias at the Centre front and back

Catch fabric down with a large herringbone stitch to the side of the crown

Take a wide bias strip of cloth with the edge pressed under. Stitch this around the crown covering the previous herringbone stitching.

Stitch covering fabric around bow/ decoration to conceal raw edges

Secure hat band and decoration on top of newly covered crown.

Re-trimmed hat with bolero jacket; made to be together!

Hat trimming from £45.
Please get in touch for a quote.