Nov 142011

Sorting through the haby

People give all sorts of sewing materials, haberdashery and fabrics to me, especially when their loved ones die and no-one in the family stitches. Over time I have collected more tape measures, threads, embroidery silks and wools, than I could ever need given by preference for dressmaking and alterations over close-up work.  As my workroom storage is full to bursting, the time had come for a sort out.

An appeal was recently made via Women in Prison for Senior Moments.  This is a group of women over 60 in HMP East Sutton Park who have started their own group coming together to talk and do activities.  There is currently very little activity geared towards them, so they were the recipients of various sewing box essentials, books, threads, fabric scraps and balls of wool. Do contact them if you have any contributions.

Fine Cell Work  is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework undertaken in the long hours spent in their cells to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem.  They produce incredibly beautiful work to a phenomenal standard.  The items on sale are produced with kits made up at their HQ, but they do accept donations of craft supplies which the prisoners can then use for their own creative projects or to make items for their families.  As I have been given, amongst other things, skeins of wool for creating church kneelers and oodles of DMC from cross-stitch fanatics, this seemed an obvious home as the prisoners will be more appreciative of the quality of these materials than I ever will.