Jan 302014
Leather jacket before restoration

Leather jacket before restoration

Leather is an excellent material.  It’s natural, hardwearing, and improves with age.  However, as leather is a skin it needs to be treated with love and conditioned from time to time.
This jacket is an well worn favourite, and came to me with the charming instructions “un-f*** it”.   The problems were as follows:

  • Paint on fronts and sleeve
  • Uneven colour, especially on sleeves
  • Lining torn
  • Pocket bags shredded
  • Leather generally stiff and dry
  • Missing buttons 

Firstly, the paint was gently scraped from the surface of the leather with a very sharp blade.


Next, a weak solution of dark brown leather dye was made, and applied to the jacket with a cotton cloth.  This was done in layers to avoid streaks and dark patches, and to retain the leather’s character.  Be careful that it doesn’t bleed and mark the lining.
IMG_3628The rips and threadbare areas in the lining were identified.  As my machine isn’t butch enough to completely reline the jacket I unpicked a seam to gain access to the interior and set about patching the original where necessary.
IMG_3633A wide piece of lining material was applied over the lower half of lining to cover multiple areas that had worn thin due keys/ phone in pockets and sitting whilst driving.
New pocket bags were inserted, using a double thickness of tough material to guard against pointy keys and hefty technology.
A leather balm was applied to the jacket with a cotton cloth, and left to soak in overnight to condition the leather.  It was then buffed up to a shine using a mitt made from a coat hem I chopped off earlier.  Once checked over, the lining was closed and buttons replaced.

IMG_3646The finished jacket is smarter and softer, but still retains the character built up through years of wear.

Restoration of leather items from £30 – £100.
Mending is priced/ hour with a minimum charge of £15.