Feb 142014

ethicsimagesIt seems everyone has an ethical code or a CSR policy these policy.  However, it would seem that the most right-on of small businesses often partake in what I would call sharp practice.  People I have stood next to on equality marches ask why I don’t charge rich people more.  Sole traders expecting transparency in the supply chain have websites which refer to themselves as “we” or “us” to appear bigger than they are.  Integrity goes beyond environmentally aware fabric suppliers and recycling.

I’m not perfect, but here is how I try to run my life, and therefore The Dress Doctor.

  • The Dress Doctor is Jo Poole.  I LOVE working on my own.  If there’s just too much to do I have trusted freelancers to call alongside regular collaborations.
  • Everyone is equal.  Everyone has different needs which need to be met, and it is up to me to adapt my work to ensure this happens whether it is through style, comfort or budget.
  • Everyone is charged equally, which is based on the cost of my time.  If you want a discount offer to do the un-picking (really, this makes me so happy and saves you £££s).
  • Fittings are a time for honesty.  I will say what I think re: cut and work to be done.  You have to reciprocate before the scissors are out and it’s too late.  You are my collaborator.
  • You will not be judged.  I will be discreet.
  • Simplicity is important.  I will not over-complicate or create extra work unless it gives value.
  • Given modern supply chains, there is no way I can insure that every bit of cloth and thread meets utopian standards re: pollution and slavery (a third of cotton is tainted by slavery, then there are the sweatshops…).  I recycle, upcycle and buy second hand where possible.  It it’s new it comes from a family run shop since even John Lewis is a bit shifty when it comes to equality.
  • What cannot be reused will be recycled.
  • I do my best to keep promises, including the small ones like calling back and sending information.
  • If I say something I mean it.  There is no empty flattery to enhance sales.
Jul 122013

IMG_2812Ode to Industry

Parent of every virtue: hear my prayer,
On me thy genial influence bestow,
Oh, early take me to thy fostering care,
And bid me shun the path of vice and woe.

By early counsel, teach my heart to shun,
The base, inglorious yoke of shameless sloth,
Inspire my mind a nobler course to run,
Nor let the seeds of idleness have growth.

Then pale remorse, contempt, and want severe,
The dire attendants of the sluggard’s fate,
From me shall never draw the bitter tear,
That mourns a life of idleness too late.

The fabulously talented Jane Ison has just reframed this charming sampler for me.  It came from my late Great Aunt Phyl’s house, embroidered by Mary Jane Casley at just 13.  I pressed it, mounted it on linen and handed it over to Janey for the rest.  It will hang above my desk, warning me of time lost, especially down the back of the internet.