Nov 172011

Today is social enterprise day  and the winners of the Future 1oo awards are announced.

I, Jo Poole, The Dress Doctor am officially one of the 2011 Future 100 young social entrepreneurs!  There is an event this evening where other like-minded souls will be in attendance, bringing us together as a movement rather than a disparate bunch of idealistic individuals.

This is particularly exciting for me.  The Dress Doctor has not followed a well worn path, and at times it has been tough on my own, building a reality of my vision when life would have been easier and more profitable to take the usual routes of having a shop that does basic sewing or designing products to be mass produced for existing outlets.  This validates my vision, my business, my ethics and most of all that there is a future ahead.  And I look forward to growing The Dress Doctor in it enormously.

Read more about my motivations and ethics at Nayler.