Oct 252011

The Dress Doctor will come to you fully armed to revive your clothing and rejuvenate your look. Working together we’ll start by addressing where your clothes are at and where they need to be. We won’t just tailor your clothes to fit, we’ll create a whole new look.

The Eight Stage Process

The Dress Doctor’s philosophy works on a simple eight step process. There can only be a day’s work between you and the perfect wardrobe.

i. The Measurements
This process is all about you: we don’t start with your clothing but with your body. A personal measurement sheet is taken. This will confirm your body shape with much more accuracy than a dress size. The sheet will be yours at the end of the day, a handy aid for on-line and vintage shopping.

ii. The Discussion
Clothing is a state of mind. It’s how you see yourself, your perception of your style and presence. It’s all about ensuring your clothes leave you comfortable and complement your lifestyle.

iii. The Fitting
Only after the ground-work is laid do we get to the clothing. We start with the foundations: putting on the appropriate underwear and shoes for each outfit – then talking through the clothes in your wardrobe – item by item – to see what works and what doesn’t and why.

iv. The Decision
The future of the garment is then decided. Once it has been pinned into its new shape and the hem has been checked we will look at any appropriate trimming or embellishment. This can either be selected from the mobile haberdashery or be from any bits and pieces you may have.

v. The Work (while you relax)
The next crucial step is for you to relax. Take time out to have a coffee or go shopping whilst The Dress Doctor carries out the work.

vi. The Re-fitting
Often major changes require a second fitting to ensure a great result, especially if several alterations have been done on a garment. Any coats or clothes belonging to other family members that escaped your notice in the original discussion session can also be addressed at this point.

vii. Presentation of the New Garments
Stand back and admire your new wardrobe, without so much as a trip into town or an on-line purchase.

viii. The New You:
You’ll be shocked by the new life found in your old clothes

Just a few of The Dress Doctor’s special tricks………

* Unflattering hems are moved to show your legs at their best
* Necklines that wander are nailed to a modest place (if that’s what you want!)
* Wayward bra straps are contained
* Trousers that gape at the back waist when sitting, exposing underwear or worse, are nipped in
* Wrap around clothing is secured
* Accessories that never quite match the outfit are brought into line with it.

Standard Alterations

* Clothing taken in or let out as required
* Standard suit tailoring alterations (cuffs, waist, hems)
* Hems levelled, shortened or let down
* Split seams repaired
* Darning
* Denim patched and strengthened
* Zips replaced (please provide specific zips if required)
* Buttons moved or replaced
* Missing underwires replaced
* Pocket linings mended or replaced
* Collars loosened

Innovative Solutions

* Clothing and shoe dying
* Transformation of shrunken knitwear
* Trousers and dresses transformed into skirts (often after weight gain)
* Hats freshened, re-shaped and stretched
* Changing and addition of collar, cuffs and pockets
* Additional panels put in clothing
* Adding slits to garments
* Transforming elasticated garments into fitted or pleated ones
* Broken jewellery changed into clothing decoration
* Insertion of lace or contrasting fabrics
* Trimming and binding to lift a garment
* Bag mending

Prices start at £300 for a day at yours, and include all materials used.
Please get in touch for a quote, and tell me where you are.