Nov 042011

This wool coat and dress set was beautifully made in Hong Kong some decades ago.  The cut and construction is exquisite, and the beaded details were hand stitched with great skill.  Unfortunately, as the pictures show, the moths appreciated the cloth as much as the owner.

On close inspection, both the top and bottom of the back coat panel had damage, back neck facing and the lower half of a side panel.  There were some tiny holes amongst the beading, which itself had a few gaps.

As the dress is very much a younger style than the coat, short with slits at the side, we decided it should be sacrificed for the good of the coat, as even if one retains one figure, some fashions are not dignified once beyond a certain age.  The good panels were unpicked from the dress and any stains were removed.  A little of the beadwork was also unpicked.

The damaged panels in the coat were unpicked/ cut out to form pattern pieces.  As there were no pieces in the dress large enough for the upper back, where the darts were originally at the neck of the coat, I created an extension so they formed seams at an angle down to the waistline.  This meant that the badly damaged central piece could be replaced in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  Seams were stitched with a zipper foot very close to the beadwork to conceal them.

Once the panels and facing were replaced the coat was reassembled, and the smaller holes amongst the beads repaired.  All missing beads were replaced and the coat was steamed on the stand, as all tailored garments should be.

Mending of moth holes from £15.
All items must be laundered and/ or frozen for 1 week prior to my receiving them.
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