Apr 092016

British holiday with warm jumper over nursing vest and hungry baby.

If you have landed directly on this page, please read my simple guide to maternity clothing first.

Clothes for hospital and feeding

• Make sure you have hospital clothing that allows for skin to skin contact with your new baby.  A stretchy vest is good and can be worn with pyjama bottoms so you can walk around with your baby.  If this feels insecure you may want to use a redundant maternity bump band over the top – you’ll need to experiment depending on your and baby’s size.

• Have a practice and decide whether you are most comfortable feeding under, over or through (e.g. unbuttoning) your clothing.

• You’ll be spending a lot of time in nightwear, check it feels nice and has access for baby.

• Think comfort.  You are not likely to be going out to work or partying any time soon.  Make sure your clothes feel nice for baby and you, and are that you will  want to wear them at home or out locally.

• Natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo and silk are good.  Keep it machine washable.


Shirt dresses are amazing

• Patterned fabrics conceal the baby fall-out better.  Anything to cut down on laundry.

• Unless you find the perfect dress, 2 piece outfits are easiest – skirt or trousers with top.• Reduce the number of layers you wear.  Trying to gain access through 4 garments at milk o’clock is not fun.

• Shawls and cowl necks are great as you feel like you’re wearing “normal” clothes, but can cover up.

The best nursing clothes I’ve found are by Izzy’s Mum.   Although again, check out Etsy as this sort of thing is often best made by innovative Mum’s who know what works!


This clever coat adapts from bump to babywearing. £99.06 + shipping.

This clever coat adapts from bump to babywearing. £99.06 + shipping.

I had my Baby Bjorn all lined up for my winter baby, but completely neglected to think about how I might wear a coat with it.  A trip to Portobello market saw me kitted out with a welsh wool shawl which was basically fine…. until it rained!

There are some good options sold via Etsy.  You can find coats with contraptions to accommodate baby in their carrier or extenders by the brilliantly named Extendher which fit over anything with a zip.

You will probably want to avoid anything too bulky under your carrier as I found clothes got twisted or rode up and were difficult to get back in place when out and about.

If you like the idea of a baby carrier but this is all a bit much contact your local sling library and take it from there.  There is no right or wrong in any of this, just what is right for you and your baby.

If your post-natal wardrobe still needs a bit of help, please contact Jo who would be delighted to do whatever it takes.