Jul 102012

eBay can be a wonderful place with if approached with discernment, patience and a good eye.  Russell Quilter, an absolute gem of a plumbers/boiler engineer, purchased a wrought iron arbour with potential earlier this year.  Once installed, it was sealed to prevent rust and stain rubbing off on the seated’s behind.  The next step was to bring comfort to said behind with some soft furnishings.

The cushions were made to a template which was sent off, cut in 3″ foam, then wrapped in wadding and stockingette.  The fabric had to be without direction or nap due to the shape of the cushions.  William Morris “Cray” worked perfectly, being warm, hard wearing,  timeless and with very little direction.  The base of each cushion is made of a waterproof cotton/ neoprene cloth and the piping a lighter cotton in the same colour.  Everything you see in these pictures other than the red cotton came from our favourite online auction house .  Choosing carefully and asking the sellers oodles of questions really does pay off if you want your project to be unique without breaking the bank.

Bespoke bench cushions from £90.
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