Sep 112013

Before/ after of dress

This was a fantastic commission.  One of my issues with bridal wear is the time, energy and resources that go into a single-wear outfit.  My brief was to upcycle a wedding gown which had lain dormant for decade into a 10th anniversary party dress.

Ann provided me with some images of Vivienne Westwood cocktail dresses, and declared an interest in La Westwood’s plastic Melissa shoes.  My job was to re-work her dormant dress into a party frock for the Saturday night of an anniversary weekend away with friends in a disused windmill, to be worn with the shoes.

Dress rework

As the dress was Grecian in style I had several drapes to play with, looping them up and creating a swag at the neck which ran into a pseudo sleeve.  The dress being hitched up in this way created flattering ruched effect at the waist, and shortened the hem to a better length.  The front of the skirt was shaped to reveal a net petticoat which was created from the long veil, ensuring not a scrap of fabric went to waste.


Bridal upcycling starts at £150.  Please get in touch for a quote.