Mar 042011

Often when people go away, they buy fabric and think “I’ll do something with that”.  This dress started as such a purchase, which was then given to a friend who was then left wondering what to do with it.

We had a chat, and it turns out that she regularly goes to drinks receptions and teas within the university, so it made sense to make a proper, old fashioned tea dress, a flattering option for a regular size 14 figure.

A 1939 pattern was adapted to have a wrap front and shorter sleeves, so as to be more modern, and the dress was made up using traditional techniques – using bias tape rather than hemming cuffs and hems, and at the neckline instead of facing.  The belt was made with a piece of velvet ribbon mounted on a self-belt, and a vintage buckle was used.

Prices from £300.
Please get in touch for a quote.