Mar 042011

Harmony shoe, from Freed

I refuse to fit wedding dresses for alterations until the bride has the right shoes, so we can be sure of hem length and the overall looks.  This often proves to be a much bigger obstacle than it should be.

You have found your dress, and you know what kind of shoes you want; but they never look quite right with your gown of choice.  This is the point at which the wedding industry gets you with their selection of poorly made, overpriced, uncomfortable satin shoes.  They know you have left the shoes until last, have no time, and it’s terribly hard to match off-white’s on the high street.

Freed of London is an established dance shoe shop.  Their St. Martin’s Lane shop is well worth a visit, and full of friendly, helpful staff.  They also provide shoes by mail order.  A range of competitively priced, well made, comfortable shoes is available in quarter sizes.  A friend even had them colour match a pair for very little extra cost.  You will be on your feet for hours, so it’s worth making sure you can concentrate on having a good time, and are still mobile for that first dance!