Oct 252011

threadsHere are the worksheets from a few different days with clients….

NB, some garments have multiple alterations (number in brackets).

Sample day 1

  • Measurements taken
  • Green dress – neckline secured and raised
  • Puffball skirt – raised from the waist, taken in at the sides and hook moved(3)
  • Leatherette skirt – shortened, taken in at sides and lining mended (3)
  • Wool trousers – in at side waist, and shortened(2)
  • Black dress – shorten hem and insert fabric at neckline for modesty(2)
  • Blue skirt – shorten hem and use cloth to add straps, turning it into a sundress(2)

Sample day 2

  • Measurements taken
  • Brown/ white top – bust darts added, and straptraps inserted(2)
  • Silk top – taken in at the shoulder
  • Leaf print top – lace inserted at neckline for modesty
  • Olive dress – straps crossed at back, panel inserted at front(2)
  • Black dress – panel inserted at front
  • Black jacket – take in at back and sleeves, move buttons(3)
  • Black evening dress – take in at bust
  • Walking trousers – insert gusset at crotch to give more room for thighs
  • Linen top – shorten
  • Brown trousers – in at waist

Sample day 3

  • Measurements taken
  • White jeans – shorten
  • Blue jeans – shorten
  • White linen dress – lower neckline, moving tie and shorten (2)
  • Blue linen dress – shorten and raise trim (2)
  • Green dress – stitch down centre front and shorten (2)
  • White cotton dress – shorten all 3 layers, keeping the depth of layers
  • White beaded dress – insert bra cups
  • A further 8 designer dresses were fitted, to be completed in the workroom.

Sample day 4

  • Chloe trouser – take in at waist, and move belt loops (2)
  • Striped Brora cardigan – ruche sleeves, adding rosette and heart buttons as decoration. Change from a round to a ‘V’ neck (3)
  • Chinese jacket – Remove top buttons. Add coloured silk to inside of collar and cuffs by hand. Secure cuffs to reveal silk. (2)
  • Red wool jumper – add ribbons at neck and cuffs, finish ends in a bow off-centre. Ruche at sides to shape (2)
  • Pink cardigan – add cord trim layered on lurex ribbon at neck and cuffs. Change buttons. (2)
  • Orange cashmere – shorten sleeves, binding edges. Bind/ trim pocket edge. Change for buttons for covered ones to match trim (3)

A Dress Doctor Day starts at £300 (location dependent), and includes all materials used.Please get in touch to book!