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Womens Wear Daily logoby Rosemary Feitelberg, January 27, 2009

….(Also) capitalizing on the old-is-new trend include Londoner Jo Poole, better know for her business The Dress Doctor. She will rework ill-fitting clothes to make them more of-the-moment. “Nobody is a standard size in every store, and it seems people have increasing numbers of undrused items in their wardrobes,” Poole said. “I am also now getting requests from husbands who would rather buy a day of my services as a gift for their wives than the latest trophy handbag.”

These types of pragmatic and handmade cottage industries are right in step with Trend Union’s DIY outlook….. “We need to figure out how to undo our 20th century- acquired comsuming says.” To that end, “Consumers will work on narrowing down our real needs, and hopefully apply our new level of clarity to a more collective level cleaning up and creativity.”