Jul 122013

IMG_2812Ode to Industry

Parent of every virtue: hear my prayer,
On me thy genial influence bestow,
Oh, early take me to thy fostering care,
And bid me shun the path of vice and woe.

By early counsel, teach my heart to shun,
The base, inglorious yoke of shameless sloth,
Inspire my mind a nobler course to run,
Nor let the seeds of idleness have growth.

Then pale remorse, contempt, and want severe,
The dire attendants of the sluggard’s fate,
From me shall never draw the bitter tear,
That mourns a life of idleness too late.

The fabulously talented Jane Ison has just reframed this charming sampler for me.  It came from my late Great Aunt Phyl’s house, embroidered by Mary Jane Casley at just 13.  I pressed it, mounted it on linen and handed it over to Janey for the rest.  It will hang above my desk, warning me of time lost, especially down the back of the internet.