Jun 292012

Laundry bags, or, as a charming Australian acquaintance of mine calls them refugee bags, have featured heavily in my life over the past few months as I have undertaken epic quantities of life laundry, moved house and am on the verge of doing so again.  Those who know me will have noticed a penchant for optical illusions on clothing and accessories – leggings printed as jeans, t-shirt as dungarees bib, that sort of thing.  Back in 2007 Louis Vuitton produced this glorious woven leather version of the pound shop classic, which remains on my wish list.

This year I noticed a knitwear collection by the amazingly talented Hayley Grundmann:  “The launderette final collection”.  Hayley has taken this inspiration to new levels weaving the crude plastic tartan from beautifully textured knitted strips, and put them alongside cork, clothespegs and even a laundry basket handbag.  Fun chic is definitely the best variety of chic, and I can’t wait to see what Hayley does next!