Feb 282011

Vilene iron cleaner

Now we’re into the season for bridal enquiries I decided to clean the iron, as if anything is going to ruin white silk it’s burnt residue on the bottom of your iron.

Vilene’s iron cleaner is reasonably priced and always does the job, albeit in a cloud of fumes.  For this reason, I tend to save this job for the end of the day so the workroom air clears before morning.  I buy it from MacCulloch and Wallis.

Heat the iron, rub the cleaner onto the plate, and as per the instructions, rub off with a clean, soft cloth.  I prefer a piece of domette.  Once the plate is clean, wipe the main body of the iron with a damp cloth, and run some steam through the system.

In order to make sure it’s really safe for use on your favourite clothes/ dream dress, just iron an off-cut of white silk, and use a bit of steam.  If anything is going to pick up stains, that will!