Mar 302012

The Merry BobbinsThe Merry Bobbins project sets its sights on bringing the different generations together to craft while enabling those with a lifetime’s worth of crafting knowledge to pass these skills on to a discerning audience of crafters via pop up workshops and through their blog.  They focus on nifty, thrifty tips for living; modern and vintage.

A couple of years ago I did some sewing for Kirstie Bobbin’s wedding, then earlier this month I dropped in on one of the slipper making workshops at the gorgeous Sutton House, and met Cholé Bobbin.  It seemed that we shared much common ground in terms of approach, ethics and vision.

Here I am in conversation with The Merry Bobbins chatting about my background, work, ethos and the importance of education to create thinking consumers as our garment industries change apace.

A whole furrow of seeds have been sewn for future collaborations between us.  Make sure you get details first by subscribing to my updates, over on the right >>> or to the Bobbins Digest.