Apr 302012

This post details how I made bunting with reporter Sophie Sulehria yesterday, live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.  Sophie’s task was to learn to use a sewing machine whilst crafting in preparation for the jubilee.

You will need:
•  Ruler
•  Pins
•  Iron
•  Scissors or pinking shears
•  Sewing machine
•  Paper triangle template.  This is symmetrical and 7″ long.
•  Cotton tape, 1″ wide or more, either twill weave or india.  Do not use bias tape/ binding.
•  Various fabrics. Ensure all are the same weight/ fibre content – these are mid-weight printed cottons: poplin, shirting etc.  Be aware of one sided fabrics too.  If the print has a right and a wrong side like these, the bunting will be suitable for hanging against a wall, not across a room.

•  Iron your fabric and cotton tape.
•  Work out how many triangles you want in each colour.  Fold/ layer your fabric accordingly so they are all cut together.
•  Lay your paper template on the folded cloth so that the centre line is with the grain of the fabric, which runs parallel to the selvedge.  Pin in place.
•  Cut the fabric using scissors, or for a decorative edge use pinking shears.
•  Unpin the pattern piece.  Mix up your pieces of cloth.
•  Starting 30 cms in from the end of the tape, pin the short end of the triangle so that it overlaps halfway onto the tape.  Pins should be inserted at 90* to the tape length (ie across the short side) so they can be machined over.  A pin in each corner should do.
•  We left a gap of 10 cms between triangles.  Measure this, then pin the next one.
•  Repeat until you have no fabric pieces left, ensuring there is a length of 30cms+ of tape at the end of the row.
•  Stitch along the length of the tape, at about 1/4″ from the edge, securing the fabric triangles to the tape
•  Fold the tape in half over the raw edge and iron in place
•  Stitch along the length of the tape again, this time as close to the edge as you can, securing the tape over the raw edges.
•  Et voiilà!  Your bunting is now ready to hang for the upcoming festivities


•  Pennants can be any shape, not just trianges.
•  You could use old posters, photos, half doilies or magazine pictures instead of cloth.  You will still need cotton tape to stitch them onto.
•  Put tassels or pompoms at each end of the tape for a decorative flourish.