Feb 282011

May 2009 (Japan)

Domani magazine article

A saviour has appeared for those Londoners who still want to dress stylishly and smartly even in the midst of a recession. The Dress Doctor, Jo Poole, who has created costumes for stage and television at both the BBC and the National Theatre, is attracting a lot of attention at the moment. Invite her to your house and she will radically transform your existing wardrobe. The whole process, from consultation through to completion of the clothes, takes place at your home and Jo works at an impressive pace, being capable of breathing new life into as many as ten items of clothing in a single day.

The business grew out of Jo’s experience buying and mending clothes from charity shops in order to use them in stage and television wardrobes. It seems that Jo’s reputation is growing particularly rapidly among the discerning women of London and Cambridge and we have a feeling that her business will continue to grow in the future.

When The Dress Doctor visits clients’ homes, she brings everything from a sewing machine to buttons. She will then give detailed advice while looking over those items of clothing the clients no longer wear. She will then transform the dress by adjusting the size and adding accessories. Jo can also provide shopping advice to clients once she knows their wardrobe and taste in clothing. Appointments need to be made in advance.

The Dress Doctor can also redecorate interiors in authentic vintage style and mend period dresses.