May 282012

This is a tale of favourite garments put together and copied to make a suit.

On a recent trip to Zambia, Patricia Napier, Chair of the trustees of the Baynards Zambia Trust, was complimented on a favourite linen top several times.  She decided to have it copied when back in the UK, and to pair the design with that of a much loved African print skirt.  A stunning Hobbs African linen print was very reasonably sourced from Dalston Mill Fabrics, and work began.

The two garments were brought together to make a suit.  As Patricia is slim, placing the pattern from the waist down proved very flattering.  A dark brown lining complements the buttons used on the front and as detailing on the side vents.  The sleeves were lengthened for a more formal look, so the suit can be worn whilst representing BZT at UK events.

Clothes copying prices from £125.Please get in touch for a quote for your project.