The Dress Doctor

Jo Poole

Jo Poole

She’s fast, she’s got the eye and she’s got the bespoke skills. Within a day the Dress Doctor will transform your wardrobe into a properly tailored, re-vamped collection of outfits to be proud of. She’ll come to your house and makeover your wardrobe – not by persuading you to buy yet more clothes but by working with what’s there. Dresses that need taking in, trousers that need expanding out, hats to match a wedding outfit, blazers that need re-sculpting. The Dress Doctor has got what it takes to give your wardrobe the kiss of life.

We buy clothes on impulse; we buy clothes out of love. And then that much-desired dress/skirt/jeans ‘disappears’ in the wardrobe and never surfaces again. We have our reasons: it’s too tight, bunched in the wrong place, the colour doesn’t quite work, the wrong length. But the fact of the matter is it’s abandoned. It’s unloved, unworn – and a heavy weight on our conscience. Rather than consigning these garments to oblivion, the Dress Doctor will in inject new life into them. They may need to be dyed, be taken in, a new zip, or a couple of inches taken off the bottom. But with your permission the Dress Doctor will transform a limp piece of cloth into a stylish, prized addition to your wardrobe – and in the process transform you.

Jo Poole, the Dress Doctor is one of Britain’s best seamstresses. She knows how to cast a discerning eye over an outfit and work out how to breathe it back to life. The service she offers is revolutionary: it’s inexpensive, socially ethical and totally exclusive. Best of all – you don’t have to leave home: the Dress Doctor comes to you.

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